Techniques associated with Photography are applied to capture imagery of specimen slides full frame or fragmented, using a Digital SLR Camera and Microscope apparatus. Adjustments are made in Adobe Photoshop to reach a favourable result prior creating digital prints on quality textured photo paper.

By integrating craft embellishments delivers a unique perspective to the simplicity of a photograph. Each undertaking is assembled by hand with great care and consideration.

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Fluid  Art

Painterly abstracts using paint pouring techniques. The blending of colours brings light and shade, while formed shapes are united. Cells become established in the acrylic paint and may be likened to cells that feature in Microscopy.

Distinctive work created by unleashing paint to canvas and the joy is that each is different, not one the same!

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Digital Flare

These abstract works are created using digital software, whereby the mind has creative license as to what the outcome will be. Each takes on a different perspective either through difference in colour, light/shade, or by way of the overall design.

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