Welcome to Optical Sentiments

Hi, my name is Hazel and I've an everlasting energy for creativity. I have a First Class Honours Degree in Photography, amid other relevant qualifications including Graphic Design. I am an Associate Member of the Royal Photographic Society with over 30 years practical experience in the photographic sector. One could say well placed technically and creatively to be where I am today.

Optical Sentiments is a fairly new venture for me. It has evolved from my final year exhibition project ‘Hinterland’ at University prior to graduating in 2010. This spoke of how light plays an essential part in all we know, what we do, and how we identify different forms by using constituents of our sensory system like touch and smell; more importantly using our sight to distinguish between countless living species.  Natural light is central to the process of seeing and one of the key elements for the survival of all life forms, also photography within the field of art. Biological and scientific accountability engages artificial light, incorporating Microscopy. The work for Hinterland was produced by means of unconventional optics either connected to the camera body or separate apparatus. The traditional lens was incorporated achieving visuals for a presented book integrating work from the exhibit. Hinterland is just one of so many projects undertaken on the three year, full time, degree course. At times it was very challenging, but I truly enjoyed completing every project and so very proud of my achievements.








Optical Sentiments believes art is far more than just pictures. I find the power of an image releases diverse emotional reactions that sit dormant within us and I encourage everyone to be creative by way of debating, engaging with or producing creative works to enrich our mental health and well-being.

The abstract can be found in all forms of life and artefacts around us. The works I create as Optical Sentiments aims to stimulate joy through the mind’s eye by exploring surface and depth. My influences derive from William Henry Fox Talbot (early Scientist and pioneer in Photography), Wassily Kandinsky (Artist), Jackson Pollock (Artist); also crafting and mixed media forming a platform to make artistic visuals.


Submerged within plant cells of a leaf are Chloroplasts being the engine to Photosynthesis; natural light ‘energy’ is the main ingredient absorbed by the pigment Chlorophyll in Thylakoid disks, which provide leaves their green colour and both are represented within the exhibited design. In addition, Stomata are openings on leaves where oxygen and carbon dioxide pass, vital for survival besides water, nutrients, and heat.

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photography   acrylics   mixed media   crafting